I created this page for the purpose of writing and collecting inspiring poems and writings from other poets for the audience and me.

Share stories of my own hustle all my way up.

My name is Fabian Christopher Mwakabanje, lives in Kigoma, Tanzania. I’m an Afrikan, Nyakyusa, christian, brother to three siblings, adventurist, writer, poet, educator, co-founder of Bohobe foundation, that person who tells you can be who you want to be and act on my own type of activism. Better call me babananiii (meaning the father of somebody). A father to every child who has gone through the same, so take a note in my writings and see one that you can learn, for that’s the purpose this world brought me.

I live in a small world, explorer in this imagination we all live to touch. Did I tell you that I’m the noise of a caveman lunatic in a civilized society, a true voice made by my kind. That history teacher on parables of wealth and rich Afrika in times we were kings and queens and later after the destruction of our first beauty.

When I’m happy I read a book, sad I take a walk and listen to my playlist. I live both places in the art I create and love I give away. I am the creator of victory and defeat when they call my name on each day.

Each one of us has a way to cry out anger and peace down joy as it comes. Mine is poe-tree, I will swim in the rhythm until the ends I meet.