Is Love Divided?

The two disappointing sons.

First born failed form four.

Second seconded the motion on flow,

The third was a girl,

I hear the father prophecy the two sons shall bow to their sister.

There shall not be a family without if love is there,

It’s undivided right?






As the parapanda calls

Working near karakana falls.

In fight with my soul

Doubt in my snout

Gospel in my thoughts

Count me in Lord.


In those who can sing praise and worship.

In those who can keep goats and sheep.

In those who can sail and pirate in ship.

In those who think deep.

In those who work hard day and night no sleep.


Count me not

In those who crack bad jokes.

In those who crack fat bones.

In those who doubt some jobs.

In those who pay being broke.


In those who want no peace.

Who fight way out.

Who use sex to piss.

Who kiss to cease.

Who love to talk less.


But count me in

Your kids share.

Waiting down your bear.

Bowing to you my dear.

Coz with you less fear.

You and I near.

As everlasting life comes clear.

Count me in.





Dear batting my own,



My name is kikuyu I voted for uhuru,

My name is Odinga I voted for luo,

Maybe my name has nothing to do with that,

Maybe my name is love, peace & happiness,

Maybe my name is the piece I long for,

Maybe my name is just a price tag,

Maybe my name has nothing to do with that,

My name is Uhuru I came to free you,

My name is arrogance I came to see you,

My name is a man gotta do what a man gotta do,

My name is life without innerself is non to living,

My name has nothing to do with that,

My name is excuse me for living,

My name is who are you by the way?

My name is a man is still a man,

Maybe my name is the problem we have,

Maybe my name is level low your scale,

Maybe my name is the hate that hates and hate eats me alive,

Maybe my name has nothing to do with all I said,

Maybe my name is the peace unsung,

Maybe my name got us all into this,

My name is sorrowful sorry,

My name is hearty apology,

My name is sorry as a sorry word,

My name is Afrika.

My name is Peace.

My name is I n I .


Babananiii©2017 “OPEN LETTER”

She said”Let’s do it again”

She said let’s do it again,

She was rolling on the sand,

Taking pictures from the sun,

Burning to the ground,


She said let’s do it again,

She was going all around,

Chanting different sounds,

She was speaking in tongue,


She said let’s do it again,

She was always on my mind,

Always on the picture grand,

She was wowing without sound,


She said let’s do it again,

She was non of your kind,

Always on the mine,

She was hidden on the ground,


She said let’s do it again,

She broke my heart at first-time,

Broke my wallet non time,

She was a second click on the clock,


She said let’s do it again,

She was outta line,

Always on her fine,

She was classic undefined,


She said let’s do it again,

Again like old times,

She was again on past lines,

She whispered let’s do it my old friend,

She was the first I ought admit,

She wasn’t last on peak,

She said let’s do it again,

I said let’s leave it alone.






If I had a rich girlfriend would my life be the same?

Would it be of this shame?

Or a happy ever after,


Would I be taken care off,

Or still be one taking care of,

Her and the dirty laundry,


If I had a rich girlfriend would this be still?

Ugali maharagwe or dry rice?

Would she carry fast food?

I heard she knows not cook,

But act cool with it,


If I had a rich girlfriend would this be for love?

Or a male version whore gold digger?

I don’t know,

I just happen to not know,

Do you know? I don’t know,


I If I had a rich girlfriend with the way I am,

Broke and disregarded,

My song unsung,

My worries unharmed,

The broke as I am first vision unheard.





How many is plenty?

How much for majority?

How much groupie rich?

Is it two or more?

How much is minority?

How much wages life?

Is it Sudan? Is it Somalia that is known Africa?

Didn’t know they were ignorant till I heard them say,

How much longer dependency?

How much is enough?

How much is plurality?

How much is veto?

How much is plan to have it?

How much power is great got?

Isn’t it plurality?

How much is poverty in the market place?

An independent believer living at parent’s expense,

How much is independency in percentage?

How much more criminal civil injustice?

Is it right to be right on time’s right?

How much more?

How much less?

Dwindle and stare,

Leave it like don’t care,

A systematic stone cold,

Strangled and bruised alone,

Survival tone moves on,

Told to mend your own,

Plurality a chit and lie,

Wait for when we come in,

Tear down cities like cloth less summer,

I know that’s a white gown,

Excuse the singleness of unity,

Even massacre is statistical simple brutality,

Plurality is now scarcity,

Why do we social when the city is Capital?

A new society that’s obsessed to love,

I want that will make them look at me and talk proud of me I made them look,

Such rotten thought should never meet your mind,

Let us import love, peace and honor from within,

Then they will give it,

Let us see our need,

Let us say and mean it,

I’m tired of the house, can we go out and witness the wind as it pass,

Plural is plurality,

Plurality is oneness, Togetherness indeed.


Babananiii 2017


Poverty is glamour to a well fed child. Would want to rub your skin so it be lit as his/hers, thinking yours is dirt. Why walk on such? You dearly need a birth that’s what I think is as clear as power on top of supremacy and consumerism as my eyes went to a swimming pool of thoughts to a brother I knew before Umbwe Secondary School. The time he was serving sentence at Karanga primary school, when we were next door neighbors.


Dear Good M. Ailyisa,


Kadogoo, Gudinho, Morgan was the name I influenced when I was Jayceon Taylor with Chuck Taylors hiding my toes. Unakumbuka lakini we played football together in our youth than the talks on the bench like heard so and so is your girlfriend and fools say they were on top of the game when I became the manager of the club you played at Don Bosco. Man mi ni m-legendary at young age eti hahaha I was your couch as Zinedine Zidane. Your age mate huh? !


How is life treating you my brother? Hope it doesn’t get easy so you climb high and forget that you the one who made me stop dating just for a moved on performance. By twenty-twenty I won’t be having twenty exes I cleaned my closets.


Remember that day you, Victor  Mangi Swai and I climbed on the rooftops pale uwanja wa maimoria nyumba za pembeni karibu na kwa mama Clementina? Looking our town and as all youth do on wasting the youth. Man you’re a brother and I ask nothing more than you are obligated to invite me a more chakula invites mzee cos all my friends do that man. Nothing personal. I’m just saying you should not even think of neglecting it.


This man thinks he can beat me on freestyle battle but all time he loses and that hurts his small child heart. He’s a die-hard fan back when I first spat on a record especially the part where the beat went out and my words were much heard. I too had a young primetime as any I don’t know about yours and I don’t care as systematic.


How many times we had to wait for the fields to be harvested for a league to begin? Mbigiri zimeumiza hii miguu mpaka ikajaa ganzi.


Man our childhood was beastly beautiful.


Till next time,


Babananiii©2017 “OPEN LETTER 10”