As the parapanda calls

Working near karakana falls.

In fight with my soul

Doubt in my snout

Gospel in my thoughts

Count me in Lord.


In those who can sing praise and worship.

In those who can keep goats and sheep.

In those who can sail and pirate in ship.

In those who think deep.

In those who work hard day and night no sleep.


Count me not

In those who crack bad jokes.

In those who crack fat bones.

In those who doubt some jobs.

In those who pay being broke.


In those who want no peace.

Who fight way out.

Who use sex to piss.

Who kiss to cease.

Who love to talk less.


But count me in

Your kids share.

Waiting down your bear.

Bowing to you my dear.

Coz with you less fear.

You and I near.

As everlasting life comes clear.

Count me in.






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