How many is plenty?

How much for majority?

How much groupie rich?

Is it two or more?

How much is minority?

How much wages life?

Is it Sudan? Is it Somalia that is known Africa?

Didn’t know they were ignorant till I heard them say,

How much longer dependency?

How much is enough?

How much is plurality?

How much is veto?

How much is plan to have it?

How much power is great got?

Isn’t it plurality?

How much is poverty in the market place?

An independent believer living at parent’s expense,

How much is independency in percentage?

How much more criminal civil injustice?

Is it right to be right on time’s right?

How much more?

How much less?

Dwindle and stare,

Leave it like don’t care,

A systematic stone cold,

Strangled and bruised alone,

Survival tone moves on,

Told to mend your own,

Plurality a chit and lie,

Wait for when we come in,

Tear down cities like cloth less summer,

I know that’s a white gown,

Excuse the singleness of unity,

Even massacre is statistical simple brutality,

Plurality is now scarcity,

Why do we social when the city is Capital?

A new society that’s obsessed to love,

I want that will make them look at me and talk proud of me I made them look,

Such rotten thought should never meet your mind,

Let us import love, peace and honor from within,

Then they will give it,

Let us see our need,

Let us say and mean it,

I’m tired of the house, can we go out and witness the wind as it pass,

Plural is plurality,

Plurality is oneness, Togetherness indeed.


Babananiii 2017


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