Poverty is glamour to a well fed child. Would want to rub your skin so it be lit as his/hers, thinking yours is dirt. Why walk on such? You dearly need a birth that’s what I think is as clear as power on top of supremacy and consumerism as my eyes went to a swimming pool of thoughts to a brother I knew before Umbwe Secondary School. The time he was serving sentence at Karanga primary school, when we were next door neighbors.


Dear Good M. Ailyisa,


Kadogoo, Gudinho, Morgan was the name I influenced when I was Jayceon Taylor with Chuck Taylors hiding my toes. Unakumbuka lakini we played football together in our youth than the talks on the bench like heard so and so is your girlfriend and fools say they were on top of the game when I became the manager of the club you played at Don Bosco. Man mi ni m-legendary at young age eti hahaha I was your couch as Zinedine Zidane. Your age mate huh? !


How is life treating you my brother? Hope it doesn’t get easy so you climb high and forget that you the one who made me stop dating just for a moved on performance. By twenty-twenty I won’t be having twenty exes I cleaned my closets.


Remember that day you, Victor  Mangi Swai and I climbed on the rooftops pale uwanja wa maimoria nyumba za pembeni karibu na kwa mama Clementina? Looking our town and as all youth do on wasting the youth. Man you’re a brother and I ask nothing more than you are obligated to invite me a more chakula invites mzee cos all my friends do that man. Nothing personal. I’m just saying you should not even think of neglecting it.


This man thinks he can beat me on freestyle battle but all time he loses and that hurts his small child heart. He’s a die-hard fan back when I first spat on a record especially the part where the beat went out and my words were much heard. I too had a young primetime as any I don’t know about yours and I don’t care as systematic.


How many times we had to wait for the fields to be harvested for a league to begin? Mbigiri zimeumiza hii miguu mpaka ikajaa ganzi.


Man our childhood was beastly beautiful.


Till next time,


Babananiii©2017 “OPEN LETTER 10”


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