It’s 1 a.m. outside looking at the stars, listening to the wind taking me back to the days I felt touched. Let me drive you to the abyss they call first sight, though mine was first heard. We were both disappointments, tender and naive.


That’s when this special lady appeared on the scene to remind me that each friend introduced by a friend always stays longer. My number uno defenseless I tried keep but love stories end with a worded lived happily ever after. Mine was by landslide a land mine, an heaven sent.


Not knowing heaven sent was this one in front of  me, the best friend for life only if I knew could  have kept you more you would have known me better. They could have know me bettered. Now I’m hustling to keep in smart could you wait? Would you wait? Could have waited till I made thriller? No? Yes? Does it matter? We all living outside our realm, we all dreamless we find emptier as deep we go, we outside looking in.


Dear Hanim Khaleed


You are one of you kind, loved your face before we had smart phones ask me how I knew it when till now we haven’t met. Your eyes seem to look similar to my imaginations. Beautiful. Your heart is that touched me. I looked into what you saw in me I find it boring and stupid.


Thank you for the love I felt and feel. Loyalty by Kendrick Lamar featuring Rihanna is my favorite song you know how I like it replacing Riri to keep you in the video singing instead for loyal is next to your skin. Your recent fave wild thoughts I like it it too, don’t ask me how and why cos I wouldn’t be obliged to answer that and say more than have already said.


You are priceless!! Keep some time ahead so you can read another OPEN LETTER 9 from a crush long time ago.


You know my ex and I don’t talk but she would love to hear that bothered me to date. Who has stayed that long without wanting me date her? It’s only her on standard.


I’m sorry for my heart being this timid and scared. Sorry if I went beyond.


Thank you,

Babananiii©2017 “OPEN LETTER “


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