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Dumbed- down, simplified so as to be intellectually un demanding and accessible to a wide audience.


American public school children have been deliberately “dumbed down” and indoctrinated – rather than educated to accept the global plantation on the dissolution of American sovereignty and liberty.


Originally the term DUMBING DOWN was used as a slag expression to mean “revising so as to appeal to those of lower education or intelligence”.

The most obvious example of how Americans have been dumbed down is through this nation’s failed public education system. At one time not that long a go America reigned supreme as a leading model for the rest of the world providing the best quality free public education system on the planet.

But over the last many decades while much of the rest of the world has been passing us by, it seems an insidious federal agenda has been implemented to condition and brainwash that simply does what it’s told, and of course the brainwashing commences early in America’s school.



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