How many is plenty? How much for majority? How much groupie rich? Is it two or more? How much is minority? How much wages life? Is it Sudan? Is it Somalia that is known Africa? Didn’t know they were ignorant till I heard them say, How much longer dependency? How much is enough? How … Continue reading PLURALITY



Poverty is glamour to a well fed child. Would want to rub your skin so it be lit as his/hers, thinking yours is dirt. Why walk on such? You dearly need a birth that's what I think is as clear as power on top of supremacy and consumerism as my eyes went to a swimming … Continue reading OPEN LETTER 10


Nani atayekupenda kama mimi, Nani atakutunza nikienda? Nani atakukumbata nikiondoka? Natamani nimjue kabla sijaenda,   Nani atanipenda kabla sijaenda, Nakusihi nijulishe, Moyo ufurahi, nafsi yangu uihuishe, Yupi atanipenda milele? Nakuomba unijuze,   Nataraji moyo unipishe, Roho usinitishe, Kumbukumbu vazi jema mnivike, Hizi mbiu mbele zenyu zisifike, Masikioni zisikike,   Mboni hazioni fumbo hili beberu, Simaanishi … Continue reading AKUPENDAYE MIYE

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Dumbed- down, simplified so as to be intellectually un demanding and accessible to a wide audience.   American public school children have been deliberately "dumbed down" and indoctrinated - rather than educated to accept the global plantation on the dissolution of American sovereignty and liberty.   Originally the term DUMBING DOWN was used as a … Continue reading Read 3

We live in a culture of aid. We live in a culture in which those who are better off subscribe - both mentally and financially - to the nation that giving alms to the poor is the right thing to do. In the past fifty years, over US$ 1 trillion in development - related aid … Continue reading

AIDS GRANTS LOANS SLAY US DAILY   SOCIALISM: You have two cows, and you give one to your neighbor.   COMMUNISM: You have two cows, the government takes both and gives you milk.   FASCISM: You have two cows, the government takes both and sells you milk.   NAZISM: You have two cows, the government … Continue reading

Dear Poverty

Dear Poverty, You are so sickness and hunger, Dear Poverty, illness a guest at worse times, Dear Poverty, Weekly forced fast strikes,   Dear Poverty, You are so richness and anger, Dear Poverty, An afro wealthy beggar, Dear Poverty, Sickness is hungry as wrath.   Dear Poverty, You are so wicked and nasty, Dear Poverty, … Continue reading Dear Poverty


I'm in a very packed daladala some of you don't know even what that means. For those who know it is a MiniVan with more people standing than the seated ones, and the air is tight with all the dagaas and other sought of fishes. Karibu sana Katonga.   The car is packed with divas … Continue reading OPEN LETTER 8


Thought should stop writing the stuff I do on social networks, some people have said it wastage of time. Yes it takes most time liking pictures and statuses that don't make you grow nothing in you than laughter. It seems as a cold night on a strange road with no warmth in reality you only … Continue reading OPEN LETTER 6