Can we reverse time?

Take it back when my sport ride was this,

I’ll only carry you on it,

And you be happy and bliss,

That pride, the smile upon your face,

When I rang the bell kilingiliiiii,

You would come out your mama’s hut,

Forgetting you were cooking ugali for the siblings,

I know your mom never liked that,

I know your dad never liked us,

Would get beaten but when I rang it you were outside happy as if nothing happened,

I don’t know, is this what y’all call love?

I still don’t know,

Can we reverse time?

When I needed to see you I didn’t invite to come over at my place,

I came to yours to tell how important you mattered to me,

How wifeying you was the love I smeared in this little fisted heart,

Can we reverse the strategy

I see dating has failed

I’m okay with an arranged marriage,

My kinsman know better what commitment is,

Can we reverse it till nothing else matters than us?

Can we?

Why can’t we?