If I’m white or not,

If I’m dark and might,

If I’m nothing or not,


Why should I care?

If I ring it or not,

If what I say is right,

If I’m wrong with that,


Why should I care?

If I win or loose,

If I seen it bruise,

The fact of comparison fights,


I don’t care

If you in or not,

If you been caught or bought,

If the price is height,


I don’t care,

For real let’s talk about it,

I don’t care why I care that much,

Thoughts of such,


Why should I care

If I live or die,

Heard living a white lie,






.You said that you raised awareness among folks and yet they protesting for rights on every street, is that what you meant?.

You said you would help ’em meeting their goals and still they protesting for payrolls, is that really what they met?.


Away you went,

Leaving them divided in groups.

Was a birth of tribalism, and now tribes are forming troops.

Bullet bags hanged on hooks, their inner being is what you took.


Now see the fruits,

No sustainable life, this blaming that , A blaming B, is this how you wanted it to be?.


My brothers and sisters!

He is here again, this time with another and advanced gentle smile on face,

‘Make them vise versa’ is what keeping him always on a winning pace.

So wake yourself up and wait for no alarm, then unlock those locks, untie those yokes and call it a bless.


~written by Mike Mawala 26/4/2017.



My love dies,

Grudges arise,

Used is the vibe

Why me Lord?

Hungry and poor,

Angry and sour,

Uncertain and unsure,

Why me Father?

Why I first born?

Why screwed and torn,

Tooled and lined on,

Why me Oh! Lord?

Blessed and cursed,

Gifted and talented,

Yet none favors me,

 Why me Lord?

Got on a wrong turn,

Pieces torn,

Wishes of the world own,

Why I live this Lord?

Scream it so ungrateful,

Dream to be not hurtful,

With a gun on our soul,

Why me Lord?

With no lead,

No right to seed,

No bright to succeed,

Why is it all me all time?

Me shut,

Me blunt,

An example figure ignorant,

Why me Lord?

Some say there’s much to be thankful,

Leave alone past – be cheerful,

There’s no darkness like mine,

How can I be free when everything I have is not mine?

We all should let a lie slip at a bit,

Get up and grab a bite,

Or let it be the way it is,

Power confers fear in us,



Fabian Christopher Mwakabanje

+255 713 885 685



If I wrote it, would I deleted it?

If I wrote it, will I edit it?

Mother-factor I think I beaten that,

My life your novel when I depart the sun,

Cheese!! My soul just bought me a gun,

The enemy within is worsening,

Battling I can’t win,

Cycling around this thing,

Wondering how did I get in,

Why so and so can, why I can’t?

Which way do I lead after this?

My part is dark the roads dirty,

Wars within, fights of the unseen,

Now see this thing, getting closer and what’s bring,

Why I’m white and black,

Isn’t green my only love after the green thumb lady that brought me up,

Metal wars, ghetto foes,

Power has a bad eye,

We easy to buy,

Walk on a sly,

Why do they lie?

May be its just a part of it,

I know it not,

Hunger doesn’t end on a bite,

Love now long I seek,

My wars within, my battles unseen.




Babananiii© 2017




I didn’t include the address in this,


i hope you know the reason,


I also hope Mayunga won’t lose this on his way there,


You used to say life is a puzzle,


Now I find that true very true in deed,


You might be wondering why a letter in 21st century,


With a Such a globalized globe delivering a letter by hand,


Things has changed now, the village chairman you liked,


Has turned his back against us then grew ears and eyes all over his body,


Thousands ears but he doesn’t listen,


Or are the ears for hearing only? And it’s the brain to listen?


His eyes are even here with me staring at this paper that’s why I had to use a candle light, also trying to be economical you know!


Sometimes we even hate this technology they brought to our village,


The chairman’s ears catches even a whisper in a phone call,


He wants to hear only praises all over the stratosphere,


I sold my only cow just to support him achieve his dream,


Now he wants even these three hens which survived the fowl pox,


I thank the village forest its herbs gave remedy to the plague,


It was a bad and terrible time to fight a disease,


After a long time of drought which massively ate our cattle,


The village chairman feels none of these for we feed and care him instead,


Do you remember his promise of drying all our tears?


I don’t mean to say he duped us or we didn’t construe?


Cousin Fabi says we shouldn’t have expected so much,


May be he’s right.


The chairperson doesn’t want new labours in his farm,


So my nieces and neighbours still idling in the streets,


We requested to be given a small portion for them to busy in,


But mwenyekiti and his people kept quiet,


We will be having a village meeting tomorrow,


Fellow villagers have questions to ask but they have given them to me,


Mwenyekiti was my friend so they believe I can talk to him,


But to tell you the truth they have put the whole earth on my shoulder,


I also don’t think mwenyekiti will allow questions,


He is a good leader and a good leader knows it all,


You said he had visions after that speech of ‘’bigger good things’’


He still preaches same thing everyday,


If I ever get close to him again will advice him one thing,


Bigger good things are obtained through a process not an event,


Its getting late now the candle is almost to its second end,


I haven’t ironed for tomorrow ‘s super event,


I don’t want to come in town, this village is my home,


Given to my great fathers ,fathers now to me,


The future is now the future its we to create,


Goodbye friend,









My name is Tanzania!

My people says I’m the most peaceful,

Tourists says I’m the most beautiful.


Some call me the home of homeless refugees, hope of hopeless fugitives.


My president is my breath holder so to him I must be submissive.


And the decisions from the state house are nowadays sub judice.


My name is Tanzania, where the virgin and fertile fields have been sliced,

By investors and those who come with a slogan ‘For the love of poverty victims’.


Now those poor civilians are the doormats to the doors of capitalists’ ruling systems.


My name is Tanzania! Yes! I’m the country of golds and diamonds,


yet my kids in schools have no materials and them teachers lives like prisoners tighten by fire bonds.


My policies towards poverty remains always on medias leaving my people with richness mania.


But my name will forever be Tanzania.


~Mike Mawala 2017. APC


(Powered by a poem from Kinoko).