If I'm white or not, If I'm dark and might, If I'm nothing or not,   Why should I care? If I ring it or not, If what I say is right, If I'm wrong with that,   Why should I care? If I win or loose, If I seen it bruise, The fact … Continue reading WHY SHOULD I CARE?



.You said that you raised awareness among folks and yet they protesting for rights on every street, is that what you meant?. You said you would help 'em meeting their goals and still they protesting for payrolls, is that really what they met?.   Away you went, Leaving them divided in groups. Was a birth … Continue reading YOU SAID


If I wrote it, would I deleted it? If I wrote it, will I edit it? Mother-factor I think I beaten that, My life your novel when I depart the sun, Cheese!! My soul just bought me a gun, The enemy within is worsening, Battling I can't win, Cycling around this thing, Wondering how did … Continue reading WARS WITHIN