You are as the sun in the morning, 

A source of power in the noon,

Lovely and beautiful as the evening,

Why can’t I touch your shining skin,

It holds magnetic syndromes like the desire upon sin,

How much farther should I go?

How much should I know?

About you and many more,

Before I dine in your house,

With your kids, on your tablecloth,

Then my pipe on the lips are singing of your kisses,

The laughter of my love,

A life we should have,

To the endless of the grave,

This is not me, blame it to the heart,

It speaks the tongue we don’t understand,

I wish to fly to places so strange and real like the falling Nubian empire,

Later hide behind the curtains of the darkest planet,

For that is my dream if you allow me to please be my date tonight,

And ask you to hold me for a moon,

If we work shall inherit the future on dirty diapers,

Lol! That’s the beauty of adulthood,

Cut that line this phone isn’t too friendly,

I compose and delete them texts absently,

You know even words get inspected by a procurer,

I just don’t know why I love you but I know that I don’t know,

Remember this line?






“”Each Religion Thinks Highly Of Herself. Call Each Other Disgusting Names. That’s When You Get A Picture Of Trueself, Aki!! The Devil Is Real.”




I write her on the internet long distance is so hard to find,

It is easy to love someone you meet once,

The wanting is much more,

That face she keeps when you talk,

Like a confession in a booth to a priest,

Long distance is hard to keep,

I will try walk sleep,

Some hours till this feeling is deep,

May be she won’t accept,

And reject, that her love isn’t me,

What would be my reasons for they never tell you what’s wrong,

Even when you plead,

Can I be different,

Only different with you,

Can I be treated to be with you,

We aren’t too old to be single,

You know singles are heroes?

For a queen has king,

And a reign upon earth,

I’ve been asking myself if you the one,

My heart just smiled, a smile have never thought it had,


Then I had to write you this on the media,

You know that fire catches fast,

For this life I would pray nothing first than you,

When I write you reply a story I’ve been writing,

What’s more I’m to be wishing,

Dear E. S.





Its evening again

The time have been waiting

Time for family gain

I miss you I am not pretending

But been waiting in vain

I know where you are… drinking


I hate this drinking habit

How i wish you drink milk

Or rather eat meat

Your fatherhood make me shake

I doubt if your on it

I can call this a bad lack

I don’t want to carry a hate


I wipe my tears off

Kids not to see my cry

You dont have an off

You dont taste my curry

You only see sminoff

Anf you smile your world fury

Husband this wont take us places


Its awkward my dear

Shirts are full of lipsticks

You are married how do you dare

I come to the club with sticks

And i tell you i wont care

So they always lick


Shangazi Masika 29 03 2017


Will it be windy dry?

Or a rainy day pry?

Lemme go for the details,

This life I seen hell,

Relationship and I  been walking a different path,

But I got a feeling yours real,

Fear keeps me hidden,

A step swallowed in my mind,

Poor me! Boo boo love of my heart,

Do you know that?

I know you don’t know it cos I haven’t told you,

I have felt your touch on my soul,

We don’t sorry late,

Sometime in the later can I have a dance for a life?

When I find you I don’t know more that loving you,

If there’s please tell me now is better so I don’t forget,

After the nagging fights,

Before the sleeping aside,

Saying why I didn’t see it coming,

You weren’t the one,

Tell me who’s perfect on earth,

The avenues are apart,

You Always pull me up and loved,

I reread your texts and look at your pics on instagram,

Am I psycho doing that?

Can you keep it between us?

Save me from denial hurtbreaks,

Pray for my stay or leave,

I love you in a different way these societal call,

I’m asking you to be mine?

When I find you I will praise hallelujah,

I’ll write a poem of our life,

I shall sing it with my cracking voice,

You are my better choice,

When I find you I will tell you this,

You shine my darkness,