You are as the sun in the morning,  A source of power in the noon, Lovely and beautiful as the evening, Why can't I touch your shining skin, It holds magnetic syndromes like the desire upon sin, How much farther should I go? How much should I know? About you and many more, Before I … Continue reading LONG DISTANCE



""Each Religion Thinks Highly Of Herself. Call Each Other Disgusting Names. That's When You Get A Picture Of Trueself, Aki!! The Devil Is Real."   Babananiii©2017


I try to forget like everyone wants to, I try to leave as everyone tries too, I try to forgive like it's worth you, I try hard and harder but I still can't,   I try the chant, I try the rant, I try the dance, I try silence, I try to sing along but … Continue reading I TRY


Your father didn't want you, Your mother didn't plan you, The man's first escape was abortion, Woman stressed plans easily unready,   He worships the house, She worships trinity that's idolatry,   You eat unclean, You visit a stone,   You dance for the Lord, You kill for a god is he on blood thirst? … Continue reading BLAME GAME PT 1