It’s early morning once again.

A new day is growing.

Mom is still asleep.

I’m the first to awaken.

The alarm is pounding.

She gets agitated.

She throws it to the flow.

It stops not.

She’s angry with it.

Then our neighbor’s wife starts crying.

She’s been mourning all night.

It’s usual cos the man is on his regular beating.

Divorce is what she’s now asking.

Tiresome is allover her yawning.

I realize its a grown up talk.

They use big words in their fights.

Words like “REVOLUTION” the meaning I’m lack.

So I go to mom’s room.

Checking if she’s by now awaken.

But I’m to awake her.

Ask her,whats up with the wed to her gloom?

She’s hmm!

Come here son.

You are asking things you can’t understand until you grown.

I want to open my mouth, her hand  is on my lips with a sshh.

Tears floods my face it rains tear gas.

Disappointed! Shoulders fall as tear drops.

Itching waters causing my flesh itch and aches.

She says, tomorrow is yours son, so wait till it reach.

As I heard from my English teacher, tomorrow never comes.

The future is a mystery, only God knows.

Why wait when every tomorrow has tomorrow?

She replies, you can’t understand now, but one day you will.

A day with no date, why wait for it?

Do I know when the reaper knocks my door for death?

Why live with it like its  safe.

When we both know its no longer safe.

It ain’t even worth.

Sweet talking to mom is a waste of breath.

it took me years to admit.

whenever my friends said it.

my soul was on hurt.

Let today be that day i put it plain.

The truth hurts and also its full of pain.

Thinking of her habits drives me insane.

Rehab is whats next to me.

Yet no place my worthy conscious will regain.

Nobody my brain can retain.

Revolution like a hit song I’m on its refrain.

Now mom is a whore,

Whose blood i am? I lack to know.

Sometimes I even believe herself don’t know.

To whom I belong.

Am I Chinese?

Am I east or west?

Is it north or south that bought us?

I don’t know.

Babananiii 2016




No night

I sleep

with no fight.

First, with my eyelid

When mind demanding a closure.

Ma eyes still sighting

the curtains of the windows to my soul are on torture.

Tears fall slowly like blue jams.

Ears on my phones its slow jams.

Fears of getting lost here do comes.

Getting me lonelier than Akon.

My fouls bring darkness, the true light is gone.

Life becomes rightless, then left switches on.

Sin carry empty boxes, lure and illusion.

My white garment has gone dirty.

Selfishness is leading this party.

Trynna impress the world with its braggart.

I’m a lost soul in GREAT SPIRIT’s sight.

Heading back home if I only get lucky.

I won’t place it all, for sure I’m done blest.

LORD lead my soul, to Thy right path.

My prayer is no more, cos Thy know the right forth.

Let your angels rain me, blessings from up above.

Put some guidance on me, Thee protect me also preserve.

Alotta things trynna betwixt, my life and purpose I serve.

They all getting it twist, help me out this Math I solve.

Down here hold my wrist.

Thy wisdom make me bright.

Thy words provide delight.

I dwell in Thy understanding

cuz Thy know when I’m wrong and once I’m right.




babananiii© 2015


Do you know I nowadays get shy even texting you.
I fly thinking of how heavenly was you.
No time I got real like those.
These seas don’t get dry them thoughts,
My dreams day and night.
I only see God as perfect but we broken pieces.
Yet we were a perfect match.
All that is long forgiven.
In my dreams, I hold you washing dishes.
On your back the child calmly sleeps.
I’m L, O,V, E, endlessly.
Them night calls were favorable.
Love still brings them, on the carriage unbearable.
But I forward carry them, even though they bitter my soul, undeniable.
A queen I king, battle I won, dopest Poem, You’re sunshine, honey, you unforgettable.
The Paint in my heart is you on my doorstep.
Never feel lost, if you wonder, welcome back home.

Babananiii© 2016